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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How does the issue of the bikes? The box is locked.
Are there helmets on site? Can helmets be be booked? How much does the helmet cost?
Can I also book pedals, protectors and more also book?
Are there bicycle locks?
Are the bikes equipped with equipped?
Can I take my own child seat / child child trailer with me? (compatible?)
Do e-bikes have to be returned to the be returned to the box at night?
Can a charging cable / spare battery be borrowed with be borrowed?
How far can I get with the bikes? (Number of kilometres / battery power)
What happens if I have a breakdown on the I have a breakdown? I have broken down, can you help me?
Who pays the costs for the collection?
Can I cancel?
Apart from booking via the website, is there any other Is there any other booking option besides booking via the website?
What payment options are available?
Is there a discount for multiple day bookings?
Is there a discount if several e-bikes are are borrowed? (e.g. 5/6 pieces)
Which bicycle size fits which body size?
What to do if the booking confirmation "reservation not confirmed"?
Can I book the Styrian GenussCard service online?
Which wheels are available?
Can I also buy bikes?
I am interested in the Box/iROOM-BOX?
Dear bikers!

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